FORTH Governance Is Live on Tally!

The moment FORTH holders have been waiting for is finally here!

Delegation is Officially a-go on Tally!

With this being said, this walkthrough aims to provide a high-level overview on what is Tally and how to begin participating in Ampleforth Governance by making yourself a delegate.

How to Delegate your FORTH on Tally

So now that the cat’s out the bag, it’s time to really put our FORTH tokens to good use.

Below is a step-by-step guide to FORTH delegation:

  1. Head over to and tap on ‘connect your wallet’ (located in the top-right corner of the page)

2. A small modal should appear prompting you to select the appropriate wallet to connect.

Please proceed to choose which wallet you’d like to assign delegation rights.

3. Once you select your wallet, you should see your public address populate in the top-right corner along with icons representing some governance tokens you’re holding in your wallet.

Pretty simple right?! Things only get better from here!

4. Scroll down until you see ‘Ampleforth’ under the ‘Explore Governances’ section.

5. Go ahead and click on the ‘Ampleforth’ tab — you should be re-directed to the Ampleforth Governance page where you’ll see the options to:

  • ‘Add new proposal’
  • Delegate to self’

Since the goal of this walkthrough is to set ourselves up as FORTH delegates, let’s tap on the ‘Delegate to self’ button (located directly to the right of the Ampleforth title)

6. By tapping on the ‘Delegate to self’ button, you’ll see a ‘Choose delegation type’ modal popup.

Here you have two options:

1. ‘Direct Delegation’

2. ‘Delegation by signature’

Since we’re delegating to ourselves (i.e. you’re delegating your FORTH to yourself), continue to tap select ‘Direct Delegation’

7. When selecting ‘Direct Delegation’, you’ll be navigated to — you guessed it — the ‘Direct Delegation’ modal.

Here you’ll notice that basically all of the essential information is already pre-selected and filled in for you.

Make sure to check that the Governance section displays ‘Ampleforth’ and that the ‘Delegating To’ portion has your public key entered.

8. If everything checks-out, resume the process by tapping on ‘delegate.’

9. Make sure to pay the gas fee in order to initiate the transaction.

To double-check gas rates, I recommend using GasNow to determine the most economically appropriate gas price for your budget.

This is a 1-time gas payment — meaning that once this transaction has confirmed you can vote on Ampleforth Improvement Proposals (AIPs) and you won’t have to pay a gas fee each time!

10. Once the transaction has been completed, you’ll be able to see yourself on the ‘Top Voters’ leaderboard where you’ll see your public address, proposals voted (which will be 0 as of now), total votes delegated, and voting power (represented as a percentage).

What’s Next?

The beauty of enabling delegation capabilities is that it unlocks the voting power for any & all FORTH holders for the future!

With the official launch of FORTH delegating, the Ampleforth protocol continues to stay true to its roadmap by putting control of the protocol in the hands of the community.

Let us know what you think 💭

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