Ampleforth Geyser v2 💦

Jeremy Guzmán
4 min readJul 22, 2021

The Wait Is Over!

The moment all AMPLers have been waiting for has arrived:

A full blown Geyser Upgrade!

This walkthrough aims to serve as a guide towards migrating all funds from Geyser v1 → Geyser v2.

Before we get into it, you’ll notice already that the ‘Launch Geyser v2’ button on the Ampleforth website navigates you directly to the new Geyser dashboard.

If you haven’t bookmarked/saved Geyser v1’s link, it may be difficult for you to withdraw your staked LP tokens, redeem your accrued #AMPL, and begin participating in v2.

Below I’ve attached Geyser v1’s dashboard link for convenience (make sure to bookmark & save):

Let The Games Begin!

First thing’s first, you need to go to Geyser v1’s dashboard and withdraw your funds (throughout this walkthrough I’ll be demonstrating how I withdrew from Beehive v3 (ETH-AMPL LP) to Beehive v4).

  1. Head over to the Beehive v3 dashboard and click/tap on ‘Withdraw’

2. Since this Geyser will be deprecated, your best — and only — option is to click/tap on ‘Max’

By doing so you should see the entirety of your deposited/staked UNI-WETH-AMPL-V2 LP tokens populate in the ‘Enter Amount’ field box.

3. The ‘Withdraw’ button should highlight in bright red, indicating that a withdrawal can be initiated.

Proceed to click to ‘Withdraw’

3. An ‘Are you sure’ screen will display — make sure to click on ‘Withdraw Anyway’ to continue.

4. Proceed to pay the Gas Fee.

Quick Tip: The best way to determine the most economic gas fee (in gwei) is by using

5. If everything checks out, click/tap on ‘confirm’ and wait for the transaction to complete.

Now Is When The Fun Starts

6. Once the transaction is successful, go to the Beehive v4 (Geyser v2) dashboard.

7. Make sure to tap on ‘stake’ tab.

Since this would be your first time supplying liquidity to the Beehive v4 pool, your “Stakable balance” should display the amount you withdrew from Beehive v3.

8. Click/Tap on ‘Max’ if you intend on supply the maximum amount available per your Stakable balance.

9. Click/Tap on ‘Stake’

10. A ‘Signature Request’ screen will pop up prompting you to sign off on the intended deposit (or supplying of UNI-WETH-AMPL-V2 tokens).

Click/Tap on ‘Sign’

11. Since this is a new Geyser contract, you need to grant permission for the smart contract to withdraw your UNI-WETH-AMPL-V2 tokens from your wallet and stake.

This may be a good time to use Gasnow to check out some affordable gas fees.

Click/Tap on ‘Confirm’ to initiate the transactions and pay the Gas Fee.

12. After the permission-transaction has succeeded, you need to pay an additional Gas Fee to initiate the actual staking of the UNI-WETH-AMPL-V2 token(s).

Click/Tap on ‘Confirm’

Geyser Universal Vault NFT

13. Ampleforth has adopted Alchemist’s Universal Vault mechanism to improve/increase the capital efficiency of a liquidity provider’s token — enabling the LP to have access to more opportunities to accrue potential rewards!

In order to add your newly minted vault token to your wallet, all you have to do is:

A. Scroll to the ‘Add Token’ button in your MetaMask

B. Click/Tap on the ‘Custom Token’ tab and paste the Vault contract address (provided below):


C. Once you paste the address, you may receive an error message stating that you need to enter the an amount within the ‘Token Decimal’ box — this is simply a measurement of how many decimal places this particular token uses.

In the ‘Token Decimal’ field box enter: 8

Welcome To The New Age of AMPL

Congratulations! Now not only are you accruing AMPL rewards, but you also have a nifty, unique, Universal Vault NFT to showoff to your friends & family.

If you were participating in other Geyser pools, please repeat the steps above to make sure your funds are migrated appropriately.


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