TL;DR: Ampleforth has officially launched their Splendid Pilot Geyser; enabling $aAMPL holders to deposit their interest-bearing Aave AMPL’s into the Geyser to earn more AMPL rewards on top of the current yield.

How to deposit your AMPL onto Aave

Luckily I already created a guide for this here:

Therein, you’ll also catch up…

Earn Interest On Your AMPL!

The Ampleforth community can now not only hold the best rebase token in the market, but also earn interest while doing it!

Per Brandon Niles’s Aave proposal (Proposal: add support for AMPL):

Being able to borrow and lend AMPL would enable holders to:

1. Utilize a new, low-correlated collateral asset…

The Wait Is Over!

The moment all AMPLers have been waiting for has arrived:

A full blown Geyser Upgrade!

This walkthrough aims to serve as a guide towards migrating all funds from Geyser v1 → Geyser v2.

Before we get into it, you’ll notice already that the ‘Launch Geyser v2’ button on the Ampleforth…

The moment FORTH holders have been waiting for is finally here!

Delegation is Officially a-go on Tally!

With this being said, this walkthrough aims to provide a high-level overview on what is Tally and how to begin participating in Ampleforth Governance by making yourself a delegate.

How to Delegate your FORTH on Tally

So now that the…

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has emerged as an integral building block for all smart contract based protocols — Tezos is in the midst of experiencing some parabolic growth in their DeFi ecosystem.

One project that is currently leading the charge is Plenty DeFi!

What is Plenty DeFi?

As stated in their Mainnet press release:


Recently I had the opportunity to be interview by the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), below is the Q&A.

  1. How did you get into blockchain?

I think many of us started in similar fashion — by trading Bitcoin, specifically more during the ICO Boom or The Great Bull-Run (as many classify…

Jeremy Guzmán

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